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08 August 2010 @ 03:01 am
Inception is epic. Dinner for Schmucks was surprisingly funny--better than I thought it would be. I accomplished 90% of college shopping today. My mom just gave me my birthday and graduation presents four months late. Potato is five hours away in a forest in the middle of nowhere, learning how to be a leader in student council, and I need help deciding on what bedding I should get.

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I really don't think I can go wrong here, but I'd love some opinions!

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Leave further comments in the...well, comments! :D
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20 June 2010 @ 04:08 pm
Are you a fan of The Good Wife? Old fan of Juliana Margulies from ER? Theater fan crossing over to TV for the HBIC that Christine Baranski really is? Fan of Josh Charles's ability to be super intense while still making you melt for his strangely boyish good looks? Gilmore Girls fan who hasn't quite moved on yet because dammit, Logan was so freaking cute? Fan of lawyer/procedural dramas in general? Or just looking to add some bulk to your flist?

Well, never fear,


is here!

Just copy the information below in a comment and fill in as much of it as you want. After you post (or before), feel free to read through comments and friend the people you think you'd like to talk to! Hopefully we can find some support for this gem of a show. 

<b>Favorite Books:</b>
<b>Favorite Movies:</b>
<b>Favorite Music:</b>
<b>Favorite TV Shows:</b>

<b>The Good Wife</b>
<b>Who's your favorite character on the show? Why?</b>
<b>Favorite ships? (if any)</b>
<b>Why did you start watching this show?</b>
<b>Why will you keep watching this show?</b>
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19 June 2009 @ 03:56 pm
Reposted everywhere because it's that important. Read more...Collapse )